Help Explanation

- What are the rules to comply for the use of this website?

1. No posting of duplicate advertisements.

2. Not allowed to publish illegal advertising.

3. Cannot indicate other’s website address when posting new advertisements.

4. Offenders posts will be deleted, if the circumstances are serious, the account and IP address will be blocked.

5. Any losses due to irregularities of use will not be returned. Thank you for your kind cooperation.

- How to post ad messages?

1. Click "Publish" button on the Homepage.

2. Select the right plate / category to publish.

3. Fill in the advertising information. (If you are not logged in, registration of a username is needed then log in again.)

4. Click Submit.

-* You can also choose the below FACEBOOK LOGIN *

- How to maintain your ad at the top?

1. Please send your user information and advertising information directly to websites mailbox.

2. Wait for our webmaster to confirm the information and thereafter to contact you.

3. Select the number of days for your ads to be at the top, and after the payment of the site and other information referral fees, the ad will be on the website as a promotional top post.

4. After the expiration, you will receive e-mail reminders from webmaster.

- How to [Edit] / [Delete] your own ad?

Find your ad, then click on the appropriate Edit/Delete button.

- What to do if you forget the password or cannot view the management of your ad?

After clicking on the “Login”, choose “Forgot your password”, the system from the new registration confirmation e-mail will send a new password verification to your registered mailbox. If you have forgotten the login name and password, you can contact our webmaster to apply for help.

- What to do if your ad has been published but on the website post page it indicate to check the ad you posted?

Please check that you have correctly selected for posts in the release of information related to the pages, if relevant choices are not correct, please select the new release after editing; if everything is all right, please email your ad post information to webmaster mailbox. Webmaster will review your mail as soon as possible.

Other issues you can send email directly to contact us. You can find our email address on “Contact Us” page.

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