Our company is looking to employ a number of webmasters, advertising manager, marketing manager , marketing personnel, salary 1K - 6K, part-time or long-term partners, experienced, know Chinese & English, know the usage of wordpress and joomla software

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1 ) Understand the management of the website or facebook, pictures , writing content , topic , classified ads .

2 ) Understand the management of the site to use wordpress and joomla software, run the business of merchant advertising sales, advertising, designing website

Employing from Singapore, Malaysia , Johor Bahru etc ...

Part time and Freelancer, Retiree are welcome to join us as our team members.

Join us as our long-term staff or part-time long-term partner or system technical staff, male or female , irrespective of age , time freedom, home-based business!

Salary is divided into two types : Basic salary and non - salary system , income 1000--6000 ranged

Contact 8533 3335 for more details.


1. The candidate must be over eighteen years of age , self-motivated , responsible, energetic !

2. Internet users and know the usage of wordpress and joomla software will be considered first .

3. Three hours of business learning training will be provided for successful person